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Family man, entrepreneur, and leader.

Introducing Brandon Frere

A native Californian of modest beginnings, Brandon Frere has become an industry leader as founder and CEO of Ameritech Financial, Financial Education Benefits Center, and Alltech Financial.

He leads with integrity to foster a professional environment encouraging those around him to work hard, grow, and exceed expectations.

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The latest from Brandon

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There are a few influential books that have persuaded me as powerfully…
August 8, 2018/by Brandon Frere

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Living abroad is a game changer for any entrepreneur; take everything…
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April 18, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Collaborative Management Style Generates Success for CEO Brandon Frere

Founder CEOs occupy a uniquely powerful space…
April 18, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Brandon Frere, Digital Transformation Expert, Talks About Technology Foundations for Businesses

Every business needs a solid foundation. For…
April 18, 2018/by Brandon Frere

CEO Brandon Frere on Dynamic Business Endeavors and Longevity in Entrepreneurship

The ability to be positively dynamic is a key…
April 18, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Brandon Frere, Leader in the Financial Services Industry, Advocates for Automation for Business Growth

Automation can enable growth in a business as…
April 18, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Importance of Wellness Remains a Lifelong Constant for CEO Brandon Frere

Being an active child was second nature to CEO…
April 13, 2018/by Brandon Frere

What’s the Problem Here?

Why are student loans such a big problem? Why are loan balances…
February 15, 2018/by Team Brandon

When Student Loans Meet Military Service

When I was fresh out of high school I had a choice to make, and…
February 11, 2018/by Team Brandon

Work Your Entrepreneurial Muscles

I’m a huge proponent of entrepreneurship. As a kid, I was always…
February 9, 2018/by Team Brandon

A Start-Up Kind of Life

I love the start-up mentality. I love it because I love the idea…
January 16, 2018/by Brandon Frere
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