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Entrepreneur and leader.

Introducing Brandon Frere

A native Californian of modest beginnings, Brandon Frere has become an industry leader as founder and CEO of Ameritech Financial, Financial Education Benefits Center, and Alltech Financial.

He leads with integrity to foster a professional environment encouraging those around him to work hard, grow, and exceed expectations.

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The latest from Brandon

Living with the Bolt out of the Blue

“There are no ordinary moments,” says Dan Millman in “Way…
October 12, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Staying Positive Even If The Review Isn’t

Getting positive reviews going may take a while, because people…
October 5, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Are You Fit To Be a CEO?

Why is it especially important for a CEO to stay fit? The health…
October 1, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Harness Social Proof to Ignite Your Marketing Strategy

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Most humans…
September 26, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Culture Counts: Cultivating a Positive Environment in the Workplace

The culture of a company can shape every aspect of it: morale,…
September 24, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Being Intolerant of Discrimination Is A Tolerable Intolerance

Denying a problem exists just because it isn’t a personal problem…
September 21, 2018/by Brandon Frere

An Entrepreneur’s Path Forward After a Devastating Failure

Call it what you will. Hitting the wall. Crashing into a ceiling.…
September 19, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Universities Incentivize On-Campus Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Have you noticed that many innovators leave college early? Or,…
September 17, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Should Businesses Stay Out of Politics?

Keeping up with the news means sometimes seeing articles about…
September 14, 2018/by Brandon Frere

A Few Tricks To Keeping A Functioning Workplace

The great balancing act of being a business owner has a lot of…
September 12, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Leading a Business With Radical Vulnerability

What is vulnerability? Though it can mean different things to…
September 7, 2018/by Brandon Frere

Be a Better Entrepreneur Now

At some point or another, most people have felt completely overwhelmed…
September 5, 2018/by Brandon Frere
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