About Brandon Frere

A dynamic leader in his industry.

Born and raised in Sonoma County, California, Brandon Frere comes from a working-class background. Brandon builds on the legacy of his French and Italian immigrant relatives, with a close-knit multi-generational family that has shaped him into the person he is today. He admires his older twin brothers equally, one a Marine and one a finance professional, and wanted to be like both, but decided to follow in the latter’s footsteps to pursue higher education and the professional world. Brandon studied at Santa Rosa Junior College and CSU, Chico, where he received a degree in Construction Management. Brandon has traveled the world and lived and worked in places like the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, and Costa Rica. He has been an avid athlete since he was a child — snowboarding, skiing, SCUBA diving, surfing, and dirt bike racing. The dirt bike racing brought Brandon to a pivotal moment in his life when he crashed and shattered a vertebra in his neck. Despite being given terribly low odds for recovery, Brandon bounced back stronger than ever, undeterred. He continues to live an active life in Sonoma County.

Brandon has always had a mind for business. As a kid, he would sell mistletoe and candy door-to-door, and used his dirt bikes to make money to save to buy a motorcycle. But Brandon didn’t always know precisely who he was or what his purpose would be. After graduating from Chico with a degree in Construction Management, he launched a career in homebuilding. Brandon spent 5 years managing the construction of thousands of homes throughout the Bay Area. Gaining vital experience in management, logistics, and operations, he was unknowingly laying the foundation for the next chapter of his life. After a stint in real estate investment, Brandon finally awoke to the fact that business was the arena where he could truly shine. Brandon bought, expanded, and improved profits of several spa franchise locations in the Bay Area. A leading owner in the franchise in sales, Brandon learned the value of a membership-based business. But Brandon saw the limitations of a brick-and-mortar business, and wanted something more. He decided then to launch into the world of financial services, which he knew could impact people at a much larger scale.

The transition to the world of student loans was a natural one, though Brandon did not necessarily foresee it. Brandon’s tremendous drive got him through college just as much as the student loans he effortlessly took out to fund it. With a degree in hand and years of repayment ahead of him, he looked into repayment options and found only confusion. After getting empty promises from his student loan servicer, he realized he had to figure it out on his own. He fought for a fair repayment plan that fit his needs and succeeded, but realized that not everyone would experience that success. So after his time in construction management and franchise ownership, Brandon founded American Financial Benefits Center in 2013 to give student loan borrowers the help they needed. In 2015, he split AFBC and rebranded into Ameritech Financial and Financial Education Benefits Center, and later that year he started Alltech Financial. By addressing the twin needs of managing student debt and helping people live a financially healthy life, Brandon helps lead folks out of the frustrating experience that he had.

As a business owner, CEO, and manager of a growing team, Brandon Frere aims to be a servant-leader who strives to not just be successful, but to create a culture of success, while focusing on the value of his companies. When similar companies grew quickly, Brandon let his companies grow at a natural pace, prioritizing quality and service above all else — all while supporting and encouraging his colleagues and clients to meet and exceed their own expectations. Brandon loves to see those around him reach their personal, financial, and professional potential. He believes providing guidance and support toward a financially healthy life is a crucial service in today’s society. Brandon also believes that persistence, resourcefulness, and integrity are necessary for success, but the right tools must be at hand for the components to work. While financial services are the what of Brandon’s endeavors, the why is this: to help as many people get what they want out of life, and have fun while doing it. This approach has made Brandon a leader in the industry.