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The Different Kinds Of Small Business

A business may feel large or small, depending on factors like building size, customer to employee ratios, and so on. Actually being defined as a small business in a legal sense, though, has more defined parameters. Deciding to stay a small business or working toward growing into a big business — that all comes down […]

A Few Influential Books Recommended by Brandon Frere

There are a few influential books that have persuaded me as powerfully as the books below. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman I try to reflect what I learned from this book in aspects of myself. In the text, Dan becomes a disciple of a modern, ninja, Socrates and confronts death and the […]

What’s the Problem Here?

Why are student loans such a big problem? Why are loan balances skyrocketing? If we can figure that out, we can solve the problem, right? But part of the problem is that no one can agree what the cause is. Here’s what we know: 1. College is expensive, and it’s gotten more expensive at a […]

When Student Loans Meet Military Service

When I was fresh out of high school I had a choice to make, and my life almost looked a lot different than it does now. I was weighing my options between following one brother through college or following the other through the military. I had decided to enlist when my brother who was going […]

Work Your Entrepreneurial Muscles

I’m a huge proponent of entrepreneurship. As a kid, I was always trying to find a way to make money for myself, friends, and family. From the age of six, I had a way of inventing little enterprises and finding odd jobs so that I could buy the things I wanted—all by myself. I’ve carried […]