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Modern Tools to Supercharge Your Learning

Every entrepreneur can gain an advantage by learning faster. Industries change every day and the amount of information that needs to be sifted through is monumental. Yet, there are some modern tools and concepts that may increase the speed of learning for a large portion of people. Here are a few of the tools that […]


Living with the Bolt out of the Blue

“There are no ordinary moments,” says Dan Millman in “Way of the Peaceful Warrior.” According to Millman, when moments are layered with meaning, infused with life, they cannot be ordinary. They are only tired and mundane if you see them that way. If you live them that way. Every day, you have challenges. You have stuff […]

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Dealing with Mental Health Issues Associated with Entrepreneurship

Strong handshakes and powerful keynote speeches. News of disruptive trends and insurgent strategies. The latest technological advances. As dynamic and demanding as they are, industry conferences aren’t normally known as places to make human connections and discuss mental health.  But at least one founder and CEO, Erin McKelvey, sees that as just another unhealthy industry […]