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An Entrepreneur’s Lessons Learned from Living Abroad

Living abroad is a game changer for any entrepreneur; take everything you think you know and turn it upside down. You’re likely to discover things about yourself and the world that you’d never imagined, even when living in a county that’s like your native nation. The education and life experiences you gain from being immersed […]

Brandon Frere Warns Federal Student Loan Borrowers of Unnecessary Forbearance

Newswire.com Borrowing for higher education has become commonplace, as have problems with repaying those loans. Borrowers who take out federal loans are assigned a student loan servicer, through which they are responsible for making their monthly payments and from whom they can get information about their loans and repayment options. However, those servicers do not […]

Brandon Frere, Digital Transformation Expert, Talks About Technology Foundations for Businesses

Newswire.com Every business needs a solid foundation. For customer-facing roles, the foundation may be good people. However, it’s important that those people have the right tools. Brandon Frere, CEO and entrepreneur, leans heavily on technology for such a foundation. With the right technology and the right processes, he believes that his employees will be able to focus […]

Brandon Frere, Leader in the Financial Services Industry, Advocates for Automation for Business Growth

Newswire.com Automation can enable growth in a business as it frees up leaders and employees to innovate and improve the company processes and offerings. In particular, automating marketing can, when done well, generate leads and nurture them throughout the process, leaving customer service and other client-facing personnel free to focus on each client’s needs. Brandon […]

A Start-Up Kind of Life

I love the start-up mentality. I love it because I love the idea of building something from the ground up. Laying the foundation, the frame, the walls, and filling in all the details. I used to build houses for a living, but now I build my business. But as my company grows, I always aim […]

Forging Ahead

I’m a huge proponent of personal growth, in both myself and those around me. It’s been my mission to help everyone around me to meet and exceed their expectations. I encourage people to seek help when they need it — much better to ask for help than to get stuck in life. Life offers too […]