Man looks to future for success of business

The ability to be positively dynamic is a key aspect of many successful businesses. While some blessed companies may have products or services that seem to never go out of style no matter how society evolves, most have to remain flexible in order to both survive and thrive. In an era of declining entrepreneurship, achieving longevity through a dynamic business model may be more complicated, and more important, than ever.

CEO and startup founder Brandon Frere’s business endeavors exemplify this kind of positive flexibility. He continues to develop his businesses to optimize customers’ experience and maximize efficiency, but also to remain adaptable and dynamic in the face of changing markets.

“Creating highly adaptable ventures was important to me from the beginning,” said Frere. “I don’t take anything for granted, including the needs of my clients or the demands of the market.”

Striking a balance between creating a quality service and maintaining flexibility can be delicate work, but it’s the type of undertaking that Frere strives to perfect.

“Expanding into new business verticals — and, importantly, having the resilience to do so — demonstrates how robust your venture is,” Frere continued, “and the depth of your vision, as well.”

As entrepreneurship wanes in America, business owners who have skin in the game may use that fact as motivation to rethink, remodel and evolve into a better business — with longevity in mind. Because while a meteoric rise to the top is exhilarating, entrepreneurs should be careful not to go the way of the dinosaurs.

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