Collaboration is important for success.

Founder CEOs occupy a uniquely powerful space within the business world. A sound product and an effective managerial style must combine beautifully in order for founder CEOs to achieve success. While some achieve it by bringing others along with their singular vision, collaborative management is valued by many executives for being a more rewarding way of running a business.

Forming a managerial style in a startup environment as a business grows fast can be tricky, though. Founder CEO Brandon Frere finds the collaborative style makes sense for his personality and his businesses.

“When you have a meeting full of people, or a business full of employees, the initial thought may be that they’re here only because you brought them together,” Frere said. “But that’s too superficial. What’s more significant is that you can now start collaborating.”

Frere emphasizes the importance of gathering a group of colleagues who bring different kinds of experience and expertise but are still in sync with his own vision and the core values of the company. He values letting people be creative, self-start, and run with great ideas, but also shape his own ideas through discussion and collaboration. Frere emphasizes this collaboration through the executive level down to the newest employee.

“A company is a chance to get even better at whatever it is you do, plain and simple,” said Frere. “And I am energized, challenged, and always benefit from the incredible expertise of the people I work with. I am happy to have gone into business because it brought me to great people and because collaboration with them has made me better. And it’s made my businesses better.”

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