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Being an active child was second nature to CEO and startup founder Brandon Frere. Sports were always an interest and a joy. But as Frere grew up and entered the world of business, he didn’t eschew his active lifestyle or his love of adventure. Frere uses these to fuel his professional promotion of healthy lifestyles and a focus on wellness as a key component of success.

“I’ve realized that being healthy and feeling your best are critical for success in any arena,” said Frere. “If you’re not relying on a foundation of well-being, eventually you’re going to crash and burn.”

Frere espouses a notion of personal success as one built on the idea of striving for the healthiest lifestyle. This includes positive mental state, where happiness and meaning are just as crucial as physical wellness. Frere transforms the personal into the professional as he promotes health and wellness throughout his professional life, incorporating wellness into the services of multiple successful ventures.

Whether it’s connecting consumers with wellness-related professionals or providing them with resources to improve wellness at home and on a daily basis, Frere’s businesses are geared towards opening the door to wellness for thousands of clients. These ventures approach wellness from a holistic standpoint, where consumers can find services and resources on many aspects of health and wellness.

“Many individuals have trouble being their healthiest without help from others,” Frere continues. “They need a nudge in the right direction. That’s why wellness services can be so important for people in this country who are usually overworked and running on empty.”


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