I’m a huge proponent of entrepreneurship. As a kid, I was always trying to find a way to make money for myself, friends, and family. From the age of six, I had a way of inventing little enterprises and finding odd jobs so that I could buy the things I wanted—all by myself. I’ve carried those habits into adulthood and I’m constantly thinking of new innovations that can help my business, other people, and my life. I believe in an entrepreneurial mindset, and encourage everyone to develop their own.

Usually when people talk about entrepreneurship they talk about people who start businesses. But there’s more to it than that. The truth is that not all entrepreneurs build successful businesses. Sure, they might be successfully employed for themselves, but a successful business grows and eventually the workforce can run it without you. That leaves you to be able to take an “outsider’s” view and build the business even more by fine tuning the systems, processes, and procedures that make it run. The best way to do that is through innovation, creativity, and listening that voice inside you that is showing you the way.

I’m always telling people around me to innovate. I do that because that’s at the heart of entrepreneurship and success. The trick is to reevaluate what you have with “new” eyes. If you’re constantly looking at your work and life with “new” eyes, you can get a fresh perspective on strengths and weaknesses and you’ll be able to come up with creative ways to improve. It’s hard to do that, but the more you try the greater success you’ll have. Innovation is a muscle you have to strengthen, and that takes regular exercise. The drive to innovate and keep building on success embodies what it means to be an entrepreneur.


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